The Ogrenizer (iPad)

Keeping up with character sheets, game notes, dice, and accessories is a pain. Ogrenizer removes the clutter from your game sessions by providing you with a single multi-purpose character sheet management toolset.

  • Get the application for FREE! The application will be free to download on the Apple App Store. No more printer paper, pencils, or dice!
  • D&D 4.0 and Pathfinder Use our app to mange your 4.0 or Pathfinder characters. Support for other game systems is in development.
  • Familiar Layout Character sheet page layouts are similar to printed sheets allowing you to immediately jump in and begin using the app just like the physical printouts.
  • Gaming Tools We have built-in optional tools that provide cool functionality such as automatic rolls, hit point calculators, character avatar selection, and much more.
  • Campaign Integration Synch up with other app users playing in your campaign and provide access to play as your character for those games you have to miss.
  • Online Integration Access your character sheets on any web-enabled device with our automated online integration. Never lose or forget your character sheet again.