Welcome to Feudz, a company that builds
products for gamers, by gamers. Our
mission is to bring the fun, adventure, and
social aspects of pen-and-paper role
playing games into the mobile age.

Our Products ...

Feudz Dice Roller (iPhone)

can accompany or replace your gaming dice. With a simple touch you can roll basic or complex dice combinations and store your roll formulas like weapon and damage rolls for future games.

Feudz Attack (iPhone)

makes combat a breeze by handling attack modifiers and rolling attack, damage, and critical rolls with a single tap. Custom highlighting ensures that critical hits and botches are not lost in long dice formulas and customizable icons make navigation a snap.

Feudz Loot (iPhone)

Makes it easy to construct loot tables and roll loot for your party right from your iPhone. No need to flip through books or worry about percentile ranges.