Feudz Dice Roller (iPhone)

Feudz Dice Roller is an application that
every tabletop gamer should have. From
simple single die rolls and coin flips to
complex combinations of multiple different
sided dice, the application makes it easy to
focus on your game instead of your math.

  • Quick Single Die Roller and Coin Flip Roll single die and flip coins instantly. Includes all the standard RPG dice and a shiny new coin.
  • Multiple Complex Dice Rolls Accurately roll multiple complex dice formulas with the touch of a button. (Example: 3d6 + 2d8 - 12d4 + 5)
  • Saved Formulas Complex roll formulas are automatically saved allowing you to re-use dice formulas in future game sessions.
  • Gamer Keyboard Includes a custom dice roller keyboard with all the needed keys on one interface, no more switching between alpha and numeric keyboards.
  • Compound Rolls Create useful compound formulas to perform rolls such as 1d10 + [SneakAttack] or even [Level]d6.